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A good dating profile is the key to success with online dating.....

Making a good first impression is crucial and with online dating it’s your dating profile that needs to make it. If you get it wrong or it is poorly written you will end up with far fewer responses from daters.

Firstly it’s a dating profile so don’t write your life story as nobody will want to wade through it, just keep it concise and positive, no negativity and absolutely no mention of any past relationship problems. Coming across as be negative is never attractive so project your self as being happy and positive. Being flippant doesn’t help either if you use such phrases as “I am just doing this for a bit of fun” etc you will not be taken seriously and have a poor response.

Mention some, not all, of your interests and be specific don’t generalize as you need to give prospective daters a avenue of conversation to reply i.e. don’t say “I like sports” say “I enjoy playing golf” for instance allowing a dater to ask about your handicap or where you play etc. Similar with say films or books be specific with types or authors allowing again allowing a response. Remember you are trying to create an interest in yourself. Showing you have a sense of humour is always good thing so fashion some into your words if you can.

Do be honest when constructing your dating profile. As, lets say, you get a response from the person of your dreams, you want them to like you for yourself and not a make believe person in a fabricated dating profile. Same goes for online correspondence you must be honest in what you say about or how you describe yourself. If you are to proceed with a dating relationship sooner or later you are going to meet face to face and if you haven’t been honest prior your game will be up before dating starts for real.

It’s a must to provide at least one photo as part of your dating profile. Profiles with a photo are 10 to 15 times more likely to produce a response and that is a fact. Choose a head shot showing a smiling face taken in a flattering light for your main photo. We also recommend that you include another showing you full length and then maybe a third doing an activity. Use current photos and good quality photos.

It’s worth doing a bit of research before writing your dating profile. Read through some profiles on the site and note the ones that hold your attention and that you would possibly reply to, ask yourself why. Do similar with the ones that you dismiss and you will quickly see what is and isn’t appealing.

Your dating profile is your key to success with online dating so; do take your time when writing it. Use a separate text editor and when you are complete happy have check for any mistakes and run spellchecker you can copy and paste it into place.

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